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Business Projectors – Powerful Tool For People That Want More

If you are thinking about about getting a business projector, chances are you are in need of one. Business projectors can be a powerful tool that can improve the way you present your ideas, or help you get the job done.

Amount of data displayed on the screen is dependent on the projector’s resolution. So naturally, more resolution equals more data projected. Projectors with high resolution can display more since there are more smaller pixels that are less visible on the screen.

Choosing the Right Resolution

When it comes to choosing the perfect resolution there is no simple answer. Higher resolution is better, albeit you should get what you need. Higher resolution also means that you will pay more for a projector, so that is an important factor to consider as well. SVGA (800×600) projectors are a great purchase for this on a budget, especially since they are really cheap today. If you need a projector to display data that is not very detail oriented (such as Powerpoint presentations), this resolution would be worth considering. XGA (1024×768) is a good option as well since this resolution offers great quality to cost ratio. A lot of computers still support this resolution as well, meaning that you won’t loose detail on the projected image if you match the resolutions of the computer and the projector.

1400×1050, or SXGA+ projectors are pretty popular due to their high quality configurations. They are able to display a great amount of detail. If you are looking for a projector that can display perfect images, detailed photograps, drawings or charts, this would be a great option. However, if you need a projector for text or simple presentations, this resolution might be an overkill. Of course, the resolutions do not stop here. Widescreen 16:10 WUXGA resolution displays HD content, but they are pretty expensive and are only used to present work that is extremely detail oriented.

Connecting the Projector to the Computer

You need to be aware that you need to match the resolution of the projector with the resolution of the computer you are going to connect it to. There is no point in buying a high-res projector if the native resolution of the computer is lower to that of a projector. Connecting a projector to the computer that has different resolution can cause less clear and sharp image since the incoming signal is not in its native resolution.