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Home Theater Projectors

Projectors provide amazing home theater experience with images bursting with details and color across a really large screen measured not in inches, but in feet. However, purchasing a good home theater projector might seem daunting since there are loads of models to choose from. The key to simplifying your purchase is determining what you really need and then discovering projector which fits your criteria.

The Basics

A projector is generally part of a two-piece system: the screen and the projector. Projector screens are available in a variety of sizes, and they can be wall-mounted, free-standing, or retractable (motorized or manual). Not only that projectors deliver some of the highest-quality and largest images available for your home theater, they’re also often a better value than some mega-sized flat-panel televisions if you consider the cost per inch of screen. Nowadays, all the projectors from major manufacturers look impressive. Still, each boasts its own unique weaknesses and strengths, and no single model of a home theater projector will be the best choice for all signal sources and rooms. Here are the most important home theater projector features to consider before buying one.

Picture Contrast

Some say that picture contrast is the most important picture quality factor. The contrast ratio specification measures the difference between the blackest black and the whitest white a projector can show. A higher contrast ratio implies that the projector will be able to display more subtle color details and deeper blacks. Good contrast is vital for your home theater projector. Therefore, many models boast multiple lamp settings which allow you boost contrast ratio and reduce brightness for optimum viewing in darkened rooms.


Resolution of your home theater projector is defined as the number of pixels at the imaging chip that is measured from top to bottom and side to side. Almost all high-definition projectors built for home theater usage are Full HD 1080p (1920×1080 pixels). With higher resolution, each pixel will appear smaller, and produce images which look more seamless and with less perceptible “pixel structure”.

Light Output (Brightness)

Typically, home theater projectors have brightness (light output) ratings of 700-2500 lumens. All projectors have lots of brightness for watching your favorite movies in a darkened or dimly-lit room. A higher brightness rating comes in handy for viewing in more ambient room light. It is also helpful when you are displaying really large image (110’’ or larger), or when you are projecting on a wall (it’s not as reflective as a screen).

Make sure to choose the right home theater projector that will truly re-create the viewing adventure of a movie theater.