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LCD Projectors – For Those Who Enjoy Their Home Entertainment

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) projectors are built using one of the most popular and specific projector structures (or projector types). The light in this type of projector goes throughout LCD panels of three different colors. LCD (or 3LCD) projectors usually have a few advantages over DLP projectors, like higher contrast ratio or sharper images in home theater projectors, but they also have some pretty important disadvantages that should be taken in consideration as well.

Structure of a LCD Projector

Even though there are some projector manufacturers who market “3LCD” as brand name, it doesn’t really matter if your projector is marked as 3LCD or LCD since all LCD projectors use 3 LCD panels of green, red, and blue light, so it is the same technology and structure. In LCD technology, the image quality is highly connected with good matrix of Liquid Crystal Display panels. Contemporary projector models have higher resolution, greater durability, as well as higher contrast ratio than their predecessors. LCD projectors are able to produce high-resolution images.

Main Advantages of LCD Projectors

LCD projectors have many advantages over other projector types, higher contrast ratio and sharper image being the most important ones.

Higher contrast ratio – Many LCD structure projectors made for home theater have deeper black levels, and better overall contrast performance than DLP models. This is mostly the case on LCD projector models using auto iris technology and inorganic LCD panels.

Sharper Image – Compared to DLP pixel structure, LCD pixel structure is more and better sharply defined. This is of less importance in higher resolution projectors, and more noticeable in those business products with lower resolution.

Disadvantages of LCD Projectors

Limited lifetime – This seems to be one of the major disadvantages of LCD projectors. After intensive use of the LCD projector, the screen tends to get yellow, and the colors tend to degrade. Even though vendors won’t publish the LCD panel’s lifespan, it usually takes 1-4 lamp replacements before you notice picture quality reduction.

Low contrast ratio – Contrast isn’t very high, so the problem of blacks is another big disadvantage of LCD projectors. However, you shouldn’t rely upon the LCD projectors declared values of high contrast since same black color is more like gray. In fact, LCD projectors manufacturers use several techniques to attain maximum contrast, and are getting the best blacks.

All in all, LCD projectors are a great choice for your home theater, just make sure to choose the one that will suit your needs and provide you with the best viewing experience.