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What Makes LCoS Projectors So Great

Nowadays, LCoS (“Liquid Crystal on Silicon”) projectors rule home theater space, and are best known for superb black levels, great color, accurate performance, and least evident pixel structure. Other technologies can also produce these results, but LCoS technology features some real advantages. Of course, this means that the price of LCoS projectors is pretty higher than the price of other competing technologies, since LCoS projectors typically cost between $3,000-$25,000. LCos projectors provide excellent dynamic range as well as least visible pixels. Regarding home theater projectors, this indicates great black level performance, and images that pop. On the education, government, and business side of things, this type of projector is associated with precision as well as the projector’s ability to display and project difficult images like medical CATs, X-Rays, and MRIs.

LCoS Technology Basics

The easiest way to explain what LCoS technology actually is would be describing it as a hybrid between DLP and LCD. DLP utilizes tiny mirrors, one tiny mirror for each pixel, in order to reflect light. DLP modulates certain image by tilting these mirrors either away from, or into the lens path. On the other hand, LCD utilizes liquid crystals,on glass panels, one liquid crystal for each pixel. Light will pass throughout these LCD panels on its way to the lens, and the liquid crystals modulate it as it passes. These two ideas are combined into LCoS technology, a reflective technology which utilizes liquid crystals in lieu of individual mirrors. LCoS-based projectors usually use three LCoS chips, one to modulate light in the green, another to modulate light in red, and the third one to modulate light in the blue channels. LCoS technology is mostly very high resolution, so as we already mentioned, it the price is pretty higher than with most DLP and LCD products. Since LCoS projectors don’t sell in the amounts that DLP and LCD do, many people assume they are not as good as DLP or LCD. They couldn’t be more wrong. LCoS technology boasts unique mix of performance features that neither DLP nor LCD offer.

LCoS Projectors Advantages

This type of projector has several major advantages over some more popular technologies. First of all, an LCoS machine’s visible pixelation is nonexistent, so you’ll get the resulting video image smooth as silk. Another advantage of LcoS technology is the fact that the pixel edges seem to be smoother in comparison with the sharp edges on the micro-mirrors in DLP. Furthermore, LCoS projectors deliver continuous green, blue, and red simultaneously on the screen. Finally, a color wheel’s absence means it is not possible that you or someone you invite in your theater will be bothered by eye-strain, headaches, or rainbow artifacts that some can be susceptible to while viewing DLP projectors with one single chip.

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