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Portable Projectors – Ultimate Portability

Portable projectors are devices that feature projector technology in a small and compact, handheld device. Also called pico projectors, mobile projectors and mini beamers, their development is a direct answer to the ever growing market of portable technology.

Though they are portable they aren’t small enough to be carried around in one’s pocket. Not yet at least. However, they are lightweight devices that are perfect for anyone that has to do a presentation on the go. Most of these projectors use LED lamps, meaning that they aren’t extremely bright, so expect anywhere between 20 and 1000 lumens, depending on the type of the projector you decide to go for. For comparison purposes, standard tabletop projectors have an output between 2500 and 4000 lumens. However, it is much more convenient to use a portable projector than carrying a large one around, provided that one is doing a presentation for a few people.

Capabilities – Are They Good Enough For Serious Presentations?

In short, yes. Since LED lamps improved significantly over the years, capabilities of these projectors improved as well. Due to their lack of power, these projectors are not able to provide high quality image in a large room filled with people. But if you need to do a presentation on the go, they are a perfect choice for that purpose – smart, compact and easy to use.

One of the limitations is the lack of zoom lens, meaning that you cannot control the size of the projected image in any other way than moving projector closer or farther away from the surface the image is being projected on.

Which Portable Projector To Choose?

There are plenty of choices available on the market. Some are larger than others, but the portability is the centerpiece around which this technology revolves. Larger usually means more powerful when it comes to these projectors, so expect that some of the portability will have to be traded in favour of performance. Projectors that feature better brightness levels are generally larger and more expensive, but they are a great choice for on-the-go business presentations, viewing photos or videos, or entertainment. Many of these projectors are offering 3D functionality and superb batteries. On top of everything, some projectors are offering USB ports, ability to stream content from a smartphone or a tablet, making them a perfect fit for any purpose. Smaller projectors are very portable, are generally cheaper, but they also limited in terms of picture quality, brightness levels and additional features that might come in handy.