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Epson EX3220 Projector Review – Perfect for Presentations

Epson EX3220

Image Quality
Sound Quality
Ease of Use
Price/Performance Ratio
  • Ideal for presentations
  • Comes with great remote control
  • Great price
  • Easy to set up
  • No audio out
This projector is ideal solution for professionals whose business presentations require proven performance. The EX series provides impressive presentations with amazing image quality and vivid, bright colors. This model delivers digital audio and video with just one cable, thanks to the convenient HDMI connectivity.

You can easily adjust image with this projector and position it almost anywhere and still have a correctly proportioned image thanks to easy-slide horizontal, and auto vertical image correction. Also, the projector’s Sleep Mode (A/V Mute) even allows you to pause your presentation without having to turn the projector off. Furthermore, convenient zoom lens ensures image size optimization whether the projector is far away or close to the screen. It is really easy to set up and use as well.

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The remote that comes with the Epson EX3220 is one of its best functions. Instead of manually controlling the projector from your PC or laptop, the remote allows you to click through slides from presentation mode while you’re standing in front of the room or at a podium. It also boasts a zoom feature, so you can easily zoom in on key material on a projected document with the remote.

Some Great Important Features

If you want to have great image quality, your projector needs to have high color brightness. This projector and all Epson’s 3LCD projectors boast 3 times brighter colors than some leading competitive projectors. The Epson EX3220 features 3000 lumens of color light output, as well as 3000 lumens of white light output. Moreover, the projector has some neat features which make setup easy and fast, and provide flexible placement.

The setup is really easy, and another amazing thing is the projector’s immediate connection when using the USB cord. Also, leveling and focusing are simple with easy to use controls. The feature you will surely find handy and useful is the fact that the light powers off when you slide the shutter closed in front of the projector’s lens.

This does not shut down this projector because as soon as you slide the shutter open the lamp on the projector kicks back on. That is a pretty helpful feature because if you leave the projector on for long periods of time, the unit will get hot. So, instead of turning the EX3220 completely off, this feature allows the unit to cool down while not in use.

Great Image Quality

As already mentioned, the Epson EX3220 sports a 3000 lumen brightness, providing you with great viewing experience, even in well-lit locations. Not just that, but you can look at precise text and images thanks to this projector’s 800 x 600 pixel screen resolution. And, its 10000:1 contrast ratio allows you to perceive saturated whites and blacks.