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Xinda 100 Projector Review – Perfectly Good Portable Projector

Xinda 100

Image Quality
Sound Quality
Ease of Use
Price/Performance Ratio
  • Great picture quality
  • Amazing price
  • Small and lightweight (extremely portable)
  • Nice design
  • Low light output (80 lumens)
If you want to get a good home theater projector, this can be a great solution for you. The Xinda 100 projector is supported by truly powerful LED lamp that is able to work for over 20,000 hours, so you will surely be more than happy with this projector’s durability. It boasts a feature called optical trapezoidal keystone correction which is very useful for getting clear image from the projector.

The projector’s lightweight and mini size design makes it extremely portable and easy to use. This projector displays nice and clear images, and the colors are very well preserved. It comes with everything you need in order to enjoy videos, images, any files in computers, SD cards, and TVs.

It’s fun and enjoyable to use it with friends or family. You can even use this projector for your outdoor movie night with HDMI cable and laptop, and you’ll get big and focused picture that is even clear enough to read words. Even though the sound isn’t bad for this type of projector, you should probably attach speakers if you are using the projector outside.

Technical specs – A Satisfactory, Basic Device

The native resolution of 320×480 may not seem high enough, though it will be sufficient for basic presentation purposes. Do not expect the picture quality to blow your mind because this projector is best suited for short presentations which you need to come up with quickly. The Clear Picture technology does help a bit with sharpening the image.

The projection size is standard 30 to 120 inches with the aspect ratio being switchable between 16:9 and 4:3, and the 500:1 contrast ratio. The trapezoidal keystone correction adjusts the image distortion so expect no problems here. The lamp is able to put out more than 20 000 working hours, which is an impressive life span considering the price range of the device.

Uses – Not for Demanding Users

Considering the native resolution, watching movies and playing video games might not prove to be a mind blowing experience. However, those less demanding users will find satisfaction in doing these tasks as well, though they might notice a major increase in quality if they upgrade to a more powerful version.

A great feature is that the projector has a power bank which omits the need for a power source for shorter periods of time. When the projector operates on the power bank, the brightness is lowered in order to conserve power, albeit during the night time it is still bright enough to view, even when outdoors.

If you are looking for a projector to do serious business presentations on, you might want to look elsewhere as the quality in this one simply isn’t high enough. If you are looking for a projector to cover your everyday needs, and unless you are a demanding user, then this device might be for you.